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Brush Hogging / Land Clearing

Tough Cut Ventrac on Hills.jpg
Tough Cut Ventrac.jpg

At Sutter Brothers Lawn Care I don't just care for your lawn. I can take care of those big brush hogging jobs that need a little more power all the way down to the smallest jobs that can be done with my walk behind brush hog. I use a specialized tractor called a Ventrac with what they call a Tough Cut mower. This machine can clear cut small trees up to 1 1/2 in diameter. The value of using a Ventrac machine is that it can go where a regular tractor cannot. It has a lighter footprint and its weight is distributed evenly across the terrane which means it can work on wet ground. Because of the Ventrac's low center of gravity and dual tires it can be used on hill sides up to a 30 degree slope. No regular tractor can come close to that. 

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