Lansing Lawn Service LLC also offers snow removal services by contract only.

We Offer:

Residential & Commercial Snow Removal

Salt Application

Sidewalk Clearing

One of the biggest frustrations for clients when it comes to snow removal is not being plowed out fast enough. At Lansing Lawn Service LLC we strive to offer fast and reliable snow removal. We will not over book our schedule so that those we do serve will get the fast and reliable service they deserve. Another frustration that we have heard from our clients is that they have a hard time finding someone that will clear the sidewalks. At Lansing Lawn Service LLC sidewalk clearing is apart of our regular service so that you are always in compliance with city ordinances. 

We are very careful when plowing snow, but as we all know when snow and ice are involved bad things can happen. As a professional contractor Lansing Lawn Service LLC is fully covered with liability insurance for those unexpected accidents that can happen when plowing snow. This is what separates us from that friendly neighbor who may plow your driveway for $10 but has no way to pay for that garage door they peeled open like a can at 2 am.


You can rest easy knowing that Lansing Lawn Service LLC is covered when unintended damages occur.