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Gravel Driveway Repair

At Lansing Lawn Service LLC we have one of the absolute best tools to use when repairing a gravel driveway, a power rake! The power rake is a spinning drum with carbide teeth that can dig down into the gravel and mix up all that gravel that is still sitting on your driveway. Through the process of the freeze thaw affect in the winter gravel driveways can get potholes. However, once your gravel driveway has potholes it needs to be worked up an smoothed out. If you attempt to just fill in the potholes with more gravel over the course of only a few months those potholes will reappear because the root cause was not addressed. To pix gravel potholes you must get down below the bottom of the pothole and work up the entire pothole structure. That is what the power rake can do for you and in most case no new gravel is needed. 





Power Rake Before and After Photos.jpg
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