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"I heard back from them really promptly and had an easy time setting up an estimate and getting a quote. It was really easy to begin service. I haven't been billed yet (the bill after the last cutting of each month) but I love that they have a PayPal option for online payment. Service was excellent: the provider did the edges, cleared debris from the yard, and made sure the walkways were clean before leaving. I'm really happy we signed up for bi-weekly service."  - Vanessa H. (Lansing, MI.)

"I found Lansing Lawn Service through a Craigslist ad. I was impressed by the professional tone of the ad. From the first e-mail I sent, Aaron had excellent follow through. Aaron did an excellent job on my yard. He arrived promptly at the time he said he would, and continued working until my gutters and yard were thoroughly raked and clean. He even cleaned up the leaves along the curb in the road! He had great follow through on making the arrangements to do the yard clean up. He did everything he promised and more. He is very professional, and sent a written estimate that was very close to spot on. I recommend him without reserviation." - Renee D. (Lansing, MI)

"Great service! We called on Monday and he was here Tuesday to mow our lawn. It's never looked better!" - Erica P. (Lansing, MI)

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"He does virtually all of my lawn care, except for chemicals. He does all of the mowing and trimming, that kind of things.  He also does the spring and fall cleanups for all of the debris that falls in the yard. I'm already communicating with him and I am already scheduled for the spring cleanup. I lost count of how many services I had fired before I got this guy. I felt like I nailed it, and  I got an angel from heaven. Finally I got a guy that will listen to me and does a stunning job. Part of it was because it was a new business startup and so he was on his best behavior, but I've had him now for 2 full years and he just gets absolute top marks.  
The price is based on lawn size, in my case it's around $35 but I'm on a large lot. I felt it is an excellent price. I mean for what he does, he cuts and trims and uses a blower to blow the grass out of all the nooks and crannies. The previous services just didn't listen and consistently fell down on the job. I went thru a series of them and this guy, probably 3 winters ago, I hired him just to do a fall cleanup but he did such an incredible job on the cleanup, and he had told me he did full service and I contacted him the following spring and I've never regretted it. The previous groups that I had doing it were usually 2 man crews and all they could think of was how fast they could get the job done. Just because the riding mower can go 15 miles an hour, doesn't mean you have to do it. And this guy actually, I'm concerned me that he will outgrow me, because he does it by himself. He is doing my entire lawn, all of those things that I mentioned. I asked him how he can make money by doing everybody's lawn himself and he said he had numerous people working for him but they could do the job up to his standards. We always have a certain day each week and he is always here and on time. If something comes up, he will call me. " - Duncan M. (Lansing, MI)

"Outstanding and well beyond my high expectations. Aaron,owner of this business,as well as the one who completed the work tamed my unruly and difficult yard with expertise. Due to steep grades and hills he had to use a push mower for one half of the yard before he could safely use his riding mower. He went over the front yard twice to ensure the grass was well mulched and that it looked neat and manicured. Besides neatly trimming around hedges and the foundation, he blew grass off the street and driveway areas leaving no evidence of loose cuttings. In addition to his high degree of professionalism he is very personable and enjoyable to converse with. Initially, I had planned to use his services for times I would be away from home, due to his work ethic and his personal qualities I asked to be placed on his schedule as a regular customer."

- Dennis B. (Lansing, MI)

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